Does ActorFf runtime support (on-premises) servers besides Azure? Is there a roadmap?

Dec 29, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Edited Jan 5, 2014 at 9:53 AM

There a two guestions here, I felt a bit lazy and created just one thread for them. :-)

Is there a plan or does ActorFX support on-premises server cluster installations? I came across the following note whilst perusing the documents "While our goal is to target the cloud, our initial Actor Runtime release only runs on development machines in an Azure development cluster. " at ActorFx Basics. Also, judging from, for instance, The Actor Runtime Manager (documentation slightly outdated?), it looks like it actually should be run on non-Azure fabric currently, but that's just development time.

I'm aware there's Windows Azure Pack and the recently announced Cloud OS network program. Perhaps with the help of these?

Is there a current list of features and planned features somewhere? It would be nice to know on a rough basis what features are being planned and perhaps even how does the ActorFx-Orleans relationship pan out now that Orleans is in private beta. Actually the statement regarding F# support being worked on in Orleans is very much something I find appealing (yep, I see ActorFx supports it by virtue of being on .NET and other interop already).

So, two questions and the first one perhaps leading too much, but to show how I kind of see it now without for the time being making the time investment to go through the bits and stuff too deeply.

Any answers, comments and pointers are highly appreciated. Thanks!