Windows Fabric?

Jan 2, 2014 at 7:25 AM

ActorFx is very promising and I can already imagine the possibilities that such new architectures could enable.

I've spent a couple of hours reading the documentation, playing locally with the Runtime Manager and browsing the source code. Obviously, ActorFx relies heavily on "Windows Fabric" for the actual deployment, the execution of the engine and the replication/partitioning/failover features, both locally and on Azure.

The issue is that Windows Fabric looks like some internal MS framework that is not publicly documented. But we as ActorFx users (and eventually contributors) would need to understand how to interact with this framework in order to make proper usage of ActorFx. For example, the provided projects launch a cluster of 5 nodes, but it's tricky to guess how to change this number. The "cluster manifest" XML file is apparently an important interface, but it's not documented.